This is how we unlock the knowledge contained in 1 saliva sample


Human DNA is approximately 99.5% identical from person to person. However, there are small differences that make each person unique. These differences are called variants.

These genetic variations play a fundamental role in the predisposition of your personality. This natural tendency is modeled with age by other factors such as the environment and personal work, sculpting in you a unique personality.


We sequence the DNA contained in the cells of your mouth from a saliva sample to put your genetic profile in your hands:

  • We show you your predisposition to have your own personality
  • Your strengths in brainpower
  • We gear your biological clock to optimize your sleep habits
  • We reveal other curiosities that make you a unique person

To achieve this, we collaborate with the European reference laboratory Eurofins Genomics Denmark, which has an ISO 9001: 2015 and all the corresponding regulations to offer the highest quality standard, guaranteeing the precision and reliability of the results.


Illumina technology allows us to analyze a single person’s genome and identify single nucleotide variations in up to 750,000 SNPs or genetic markers.

Mendel’s Brain Analysis Counts with a reproducibility> 99.9%.
We have a database that analyzes more than 30 genetic traits related to psychology and more traits are added on a regular basis.

Rigor científico

Genome-Wide Association Study(GWAS)

The GWAS analyzes the entire genome of a group of people with a defined trait compared to a group without the trait of interest. The GWAS makes it possible to identify those SPNs that are recognised more frequently in the first group, thereby associating it with the SPNs identified with the analyzed phenotype.

In order to guarantee scientific rigor, Mendel’s Brain applies a selective criterion to filter the GWAS with greater reliability (p-value ≤ 9 x 10-8) and include in the analysis only those SNPs that are correctly characterized.

We work side by side with psychiatrists and psychologists with a single objective: to provide you with the guidelines and indications to improve certain aspects of your day to day such as social communication, stress management or sleep habits.

Psychology professionals provide an accurate look at how genetics predisposes our personality.

Mendel’s Brain has an ethics committee made up of the most critical minds in the scientific world that makes sure the report is useful and rigorous.


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